Learning How to Brush the Teeth

When I was 25 years old, I went to the university hospital to take care of my teeth. There I learnt for the first time in my life a structured approach to brushing the teeth. Abviously I had been told by my parents, that I should brush my teeth three times per day. But nobody bothered to provide a how-to, because everybody took it for granted that a child would do that the right way.
Learning how to brush my teeth was one of the first things of a profound turn-around of my life. If I would have learnt that as a child, it would have been a huge improvement of quality of life, and without any cost attached. For this reason, I ask you to be really careful in teaching your child basic tasks like brushing teeth. I found a video on YouTube which can be a very helpful first step.

For parenting there are 3 take-aways for this:

  1. Do not take seemingly little things for granted
  2. Make it a habit to do things thoroughly and the right way.
  3. This includes teaching how it is done, allowing questions, asking and checking.