Book Review Phil Rowlands on Brain-Friendly Learning

Brain-Friendly Learning by Phil Rowlands


How Brain-Friendly Learning Can Release Your Child’s Infinite Potential


The book’s title is a bit too long and I suggest it could be changed in the next edition. But thanks God this did not prevent me from reading the 45 pages of the book.

Phil Rowlings worked for decades in the British Primary Schools System and is a retired head teacher. He has certainly seen many children, and also many parents. This helped him to develop an unbeatable down-to-earth approach to child development. So this book is full of actionable advice. There are little things everybody can do to help a child succeed, especially in the first few months of a life. I just want to mention a few examples:

  • Start a dialog with your child, long before he or she can talk
  • Create a relationship of trust with your child
  • Stimulate a positive attitude to the world, governed by confidence and trust, not by fear
  • Provide a rich environment stimulating all senses
  • Strengthen your child’s self-confidence and self-esteem from day one
  • Celebrate your child’s successes
  • Love your child

It obviously costs money to have a child. But taking enough time for the child, listening, observing, encouraging and communicating with the child cannot be done with money, only. It needs a real person with all aspects of a being human. And this real person needs some knowledge about the path and steps of child development. Here comes Phil in and adds a healthy dose of knowledge which allows the love to become real, and provides for the necessary self-confidence of the parents. After all, how could parents foster self confidence in their children, if they are not confident about themselves.

My advice to you is: get the book. Phil allowed me to offer his book as a free download. Enter your name and email address into the form on the top right of this page, hit register and pick the book up in minutes,




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