The Genius in All of Us

today I want to show you a one hour long video. I hear you screaming or moaning “I do not have that time!” My answer is: If you do not have the time now to listen to the complete presentation of David Shenk, listen in for just a few minutes right now, and then bookmark it and plan in your calender time to watch and listen in full. And my advise is: plan to listen at least twice.
David Shenk is the author of the book The Genius in All uf Us. He explains in his presentation with stunning clarity that there are things you can do for yourself to improve your skills wherever you are right now in your journey through your life. And as importantly, you can help your kids developing master skills in the field of their interests by shaping your living environment and the environment your kids are living in.

I am well aware that this is a controversial topic. And I hope that this presentation can kill quite a number of excuses which might have served up to now well as a comfortably warm blanket covering a “can do nothing” attitude. I am ready to take the heat for that.

When I extract the essential substance for my own life out of this presentation, the result is: be aware of all aspects of your living environment and manage them carefully. Do this for yourself and for the sake of your children!

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