Early Childhood Experience and Growth of the Brain

I stumbled upon this 4-minute video on YouTube. It comes from Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University.
It is no secret that good nutrition is a necessary condition for the healthy mental development of a child. But this video explains the other half of the truth: a child’s brain needs the right input to develop, the right stimulation of each sense and all senses together. This means every child needs a life rich in terms of carefully chosen experiences and activities. To provide for this need does not cost a ton of money. But it is quite possible that the close relationship between social standing of a family and success of the children of a family is not due to lack of money, but due to lack of an environment with positive stimulation.
My personal suspicion is that the huge difference in education and life success between children coming from different social environments has not so much to do with lack of money for expensive food and clothing, but is to a very large degree driven by the exposure or lack of exposure to positive social experiences and stimulation of the senses.
There can be no excuse not to spend 4 minutes of your time for this video, if you are living with small children or plan to have a child on your own.

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